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Alessandro Carboni & Anastasia Valsamaki

ΕΜΣΤ Foyer & 2nd floor - 18.09.2022 / 17.00-19.00

The 15th anniversary edition of the International Contemporary Dance Festival ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL is kicked off on September 6 to “fall into place" in several different venues across Athens.

The festival organizer, DAN.C.CE Unitiva, a member of the European network of contemporary dance Aerowaves, says about this year's theme: “Many languages, the Greek one amongst them, connect ‘falling' and ‘place' in a weird move of grounding. #ARCFEST15 considers this while engaging with various critical shifts, geopolitical realignments, environmental changes, war disasters, and refugee flows. In this violent movement and ‘falling' of bodies, the festival considers ‘the terrifying concupiscence of belonging.' It proposes the various ways in which dance tells us what it means to take up a space and take a leave; to fall into where you belong at a given time and move on; to fall into place without being bound by it."

Realizing its programmatic goal to help foster a rich ecosystem for dance in Greece, ARC15 presents works that cross boundaries between artistic expressions, creative languages and conditions of experiencing artworks. The ARC_hitects module of ARC15 inhabits the spaces of art institutions and museums, film and virtual reality, and suggests a displacement of dance that helps empower its presence and broaden its perspective.


Alessandro Carboni

The angular distance of a celestial body

Athens premiere- 17.00 – duration: 40′ - 2nd floor

The Angular Distance of a Celestial Body is a transversal reflection on the cartographic process. If this process involves “the reduced representation of the Earth's surface, as well as of the events that are observed and occur on it," Carboni's work replaces the graphic sign used on maps with the body.

Anastasia Valsamaki

Body monologue

vr premiere, 18.00 – duration: 20' - foyer

What can a body do? This is the unanswered and self-evident question that Anastasia Valsamaki's solo Body Monologue brings to the stage. Through this research, Valsamaki explores both the body's expressive abilities and the narrative function of the dance language. Following the structure of the monologue, this work moves away from the wording of meanings, towards the pre-linguistic, eloquent silence of the body that speaks through movement. A silence made of gestures, pauses, malleable forms and unfamiliar body states, attracts our gaze and enters into conversation with what escapes the solidity of verbal expression to enter the fluidity of meanings that bodies convey through dance.


All performances and parallel activities of the festival are open to the public, free of charge. For all performances and parallel activities, pre-booking is required to secure a seat at the respective venue.

PRE-BOOKING: 693 145 9880

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