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MONOPHONICS & TAF LATHOS - September1, Athens Technopolis

The surprise band from the USA, the exceptional MONOPHONICS and the subversive TAF LATHOS join forces to create an unforgettable explosive musical combination!

MONOPHONICS need no introduction. The great psychedelic soul and heavy funk band from San Francisco, California, which has been building a special relationship with their audience in Greece for years, is back for an exceptional concert with TAF LATHOS.

"Bang Bang", "Promises", "Hanging On", "Lying Eyes", as well as tracks from their new album "Sage Motel", fuzzy guitars, freaky synthesizers and powerful vocals will fill the air of Technopolis in a rousing live performance – which is what they are famous for!

They are accompanied by TAF LATHOS, the artist who never stops trying and daring, always having hip hop as a starting and reference point. TAF LATHOS has managed to mesmerize diverse audiences with his music through experimentations that start from funk and soul and end up in our folk tradition. MONOPHONICS & TAF LATHOS will share the Technopolis stage, their songs, ideas and passion for music.

Athens Technopolis
September 1, 2022 at 9.00 pm
Website Athens Technopolis
book your tickets from: €25

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